Each custom saddle comes with

  1. Premium quality wood with rawhide saddle tree from Quality Manufacturing Inc.

  2.   Natural Hermann Oak leather

  3.   Covered stirrups

  4.   3’’ wide lined flank cinch with 1 3/4’’ lined flank billets tooled to match

  5.   No wider than 12’’ swell

  6.   No taller than 3 1/2’’ cantle with straight up cantle binding

  7.   Basic border of your choice

Base Price $2600.00

Price of options

  1.   Padded seat------------------------------------------- $250.00

  2. Chestnut skirting leather---------------------------- $150.00

  3.   Swells wider than 12’’------------------------------- $125.00

  4.   Cantle taller than 3 1/2’’---------------------------- $50.00

  5.   Cheyenne  roll---------------------------------------- $200.00

  6.   Corner basket stamp-------------------------------- $300.00

  7.   Full Basket stamp------------------------------------ $1500.00

  8.   Corner Floral tooling--------------------------------- $750.00

  9.   Full Floral tooling------------------------------------- $2500.00

A deposit of $1300.00 (half the base price) is required to confirm order. 

Deposit is non-refundable after construction begins.  If you however change your mind, you do not have to pay the remaining balance on the saddle so long as the saddle has not been finished with personalized brands/markings.  The saddle must be able to be sold to someone else without any alteration.

Gretchen’s Saddlery LLC

715 Bridge St. Vernonia, Or 97064  503-928-1722


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